Yummi's Court Affiliates Info & Expectations

When Signing up for Affiliates Program

• You will be on a trial run as an affiliate
1. Tiral intails of promoting (can't make money if u don't promote)
2. You are Giving 90 days from your sign up date to consistently promote (promo posting at least 3 Post a Day, 3 Times a week on your platforms) using your unique link or promo code & Tagging Yummi's Queendom Pages  on the platforms you choose to use ( on IG Must Tag Both Ig Pages, on Facebook Must Tag Facebook Page & on Tiktok must Tag Tiktok page)
3. As long as you continue to promote consistently you will eligible to stay on the team  Even if you don't generate sales within that time frame, But if you just stop promoting we will assume that you are no longer interested in being an  Affiliate and you will be removed from the Affiliates portal, Yummi is Watching so prior to sign up you must follow both Ig Pages @yummisqueendom_ & @yqueenboutique follow on Tiktok @goddessyummi, aswell as Like The Facebook Page Yummi's Queendom Join The Facebook Group Yummi's Court pior to doin so send a DM of all your Handles you have & are using to promote so she knows who you are by your handles allow 24 to 48 hrs for a response & approval to the Affiliates Program you will not be approved if not following all pages of which you have the same as Yummi's Queendom
4. Once you have made your 1st 100$ in sales you will be able to recruit affiliates under you with a 10$ bonus for every recruit that signs up under you, every 100$ in sales you make will gain you access to a new recruits & when they make sales you make a commission aswell you are allotted up to 5 recruits Max,
5. After reaching 350$ in sale you will be sent a personalized Affiliates Kit Which will allow you to also promote in person & extra little goodies
6. With the affiliates program you will be able to use your own link or code to shop as well You will only be able to use your own code or link after your 90 daysTrial
7. All Payouts happen at the end of each Month